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Whitechapel Ltd.

February 10th, 2009 by Cobwebs

Bat DoorknockerIf you’re looking for any kind of cast hardware for home decor or craft projects, look no further than Whitechapel Ltd. They’ve got all kinds of insanely cool items, from doorknobs to antique key blanks to reproduction hardware.

They also offer a variety of technical guides for doing things like antiquing brass or choosing historically-accurate handles.

You can go a long way toward gothing up a piece of furniture with the appropriate hardware, and adding easily-removable items like doorknobs is a good way to bring a personal touch to rooms that you don’t want to permanently alter (like rented apartments or bedrooms in a parent’s house). Although some of the items at Whitechapel are pricey (like the $875 solid-brass lion door knocker), many are surprisingly affordable. The iron bat knocker above, for instance, is only $34. I know what I’m asking for next Christmas.

If you’ve got a steampunk project in mind, or just want to bring an antique touch to a room, check these guys out.

Link (via Steampunk Workshop)

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