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Eerie Alley

October 19th, 2010 by Cobwebs

Eerie AlleyThis right here is why I love the Internet.

Last week my blog alerted me that I’d gotten a pingback on my Halloween Calendar tutorial. I followed the link to Simply Sunshine’s version, and had two immediate thoughts:
1) I love the tombstone header.
2) Where can I find that hearse fabric?!?

So I plugged “hearse fabric” into The Great and Powerful Google and discovered that it’s from a collection called “Eerie Alley” by Robert Kaufman Fabrics. You can see the whole collection here. Yay, Internet!

In addition to three different hearse variations, they’ve also got some lovely spiders, pumpkins, and a couple of stripe patterns that I’d expect to see as upholstery in the Addams Family’s sitting room. These would be perfect for quilts or other fabric crafts, not to mention adorable as clothing.

The Robert Kaufman site has a retail finder for U.S. locations, and there are also plenty of places to buy the fabric online: Google Shopping | Amazon | Etsy

There is definitely a hearse-print dress in my near future.

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