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Christmas Relics

January 6th, 2011 by Cobwebs

Unicorn HornYes, yes, I realize Christmas is over. This is for next year.

I have made no secret of my esteem for Dave Lowe’s imagination and creativity. He builds all sorts of marvelously whimsical props, decorative objects, and random tchotchkes which frequently include little inside jokes involving pop culture (like the Bumble Tooth he did last year).

For Christmas this year he gave members of his family various “relics,” all of which were based on stories or movies they liked as kids. There’s a keepsake box with some yellow brick wrapped in blue gingham, a telegram alerting General Mann that the Martians have landed, a unicorn horn, a London Times newspaper clipping advertising for a nanny, and several more. They’re all just lovely.

This would be a splendid project to do for one’s own family, particularly since it’s the sort of thing that can be worked on whenever you have a little spare time. Depending upon your particular crafting skills, a representative gift might be as simple as an aged piece of paper in a frame (a page, say, from Jonathan Harker’s diary) or a full-fledged prop with many pieces (a vampire-hunting kit containing appropriately-aged stakes, mallet, holy water, Latin prayer book, etc.).

I’ve definitely got a few ideas for my own relatives, particularly my dad, who is seriously hung up on A Christmas Carol. A page from Scrooge and Marley’s accounts ledger and a brass lion doorknocker, and I’m in business.

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