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The Seventh Link Dump of Sindbad

June 1st, 2012 by Cobwebs

Creepy Dolls – Large variety of handmade dolls which are, indeed, creepy.

Jordu Schell – Sculptor of a-ma-zing monsters. Monster Brains has a large gallery of his work.

Dirty Work – Interactive “gruesome” dark comedy series about a crime scene clean-up crew. The premise sounds interesting.

The First Halloween – Kickstarter project for a ridiculously cute Halloween-themed Nativity set. I particularly like the Three Wise Zombies.

Victorian Street Life in London – Fascinating slice-of-life photos.

T. rex Trying… – Sketches of poor T. rex and his teeny little arms attempting to do various things.

Sweet Steam – A “steampunk chocolatier.” The Tesla cameo is cute.

A Math-Free Guide to the Math of Alice in Wonderland – An interesting look at a few of the pokes that the story takes at the “new math” of the mid-1800s.

Making Bangles Nerdy – Easy idea for customizing a bracelet with artwork of your choice.

Haunted Carousel Pony – Appealing “My Little Pony” modded with polymer clay.

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