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Deviled Egg Spiders

November 8th, 2012 by Cobwebs

Deviled Egg SpiderThe Hairpin has instructions for making “albino spiders” out of deviled eggs that I think I’m going to put in the category of Trying Too Hard. I’m actually much more on board with the “usual” olive spider-decorated eggs that they dismiss as too pedestrian, since they’re easier to make and are more eye-catching. I think it’d be difficult to make enough of the larger eggs for a party. (I especially wonder about the “make 36 or so and leave them around the house in unexpected places.” Wut?)

If I were to tackle the “albino” version I’d make a few changes:

  • Cut and fill the eggs before any other assembly.
  • Consider quail eggs instead of cocktail onions for the heads. Alternately, forget the separate head altogether and add the eyes to the front of the larger egg.
  • Definitely use something besides bits of raw button mushroom for the legs, since nobody really wants to nibble on those; something like thin strips of ham or cheese might work better.
  • Instead of a plain boiled egg, possibly use tea eggs instead, since the marbled pattern would add interest.
  • Add the paprika hourglass last, after all other assembly is complete.
  • Since these things really aren’t at all portable, don’t attempt to make them part of a buffet. Instead, arrange one on each guest’s plate as part of an appetizer.

The time for Halloween parties may be past, but there are plenty of other holiday dinner opportunities coming up. These spiders might be just the thing for a bit of elegant spookiness.

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