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Goth? There’s an App for That

July 21st, 2011 by Cobwebs

Demon CaseI recently ran across an EMF Detector app which purports to detect the same “ghostly” energies that paranormal investigators look for, and wondered what other smartphone apps might be available for the gothier amongst us. As it turns out, there’s a bunch of ’em.

There are several other flavors of EMF apps, including iEMF (which seems to have a more detailed readout), EMF Meter + (appears to be aimed more at scientists than ghost hunters), and Paranormal State EMF Reader (associated with A&E’s Paranormal State program ; I don’t know how much useful data it collects but the interface is well-suited to costume parties).

Other ghost-hunting tools include:

Ghost Recorder – Claims to record ghostly sounds beyond the range of human hearing.

Paranormal Recorder – Another EVP recorder, this one triggered by unusual EMF readings.

iOvilus – The description of this recorder is sort of vague, but it appears to function(?) on the theory that external forces can cause changes to the phone’s sensors,

Ghost Words – An EVP recorder that is triggered by motion or infrared.

Ghost Radar – Offers a variety of sensors (EMF, vibrations, sounds, etc.) and some interesting management capabilities.

Ghost Hunter – Another multi-function ghost hunting toolkit.

Ghost Detector Pro – Claims to use the phone’s environmental sensors to track ghosts on a radar-like screen. I like that the tagline is, “Protect yourself from the ghosts in 2011!”

Ghost Caller – Uses “a combination of paranormal visual stimulus, known sonic dimensional audio, and mirror phasing” to attract nearby supernatural entities. All that I can think from the title is, “Here, ghost.”

Paranormal Sightings Tool – This is associated with the TV show of the same name and is mainly just a tool to report sightings to them. However, it also has a map which displays other sightings in your area, so you can check out local hauntings.

Ghost Séance – An audio recording of a “real medium” leading a séance from beginning to end. So if ghosts can’t tell if it’s real or if it’s Memorex, presumably they’ll show up to chat.

There are also several apps if you’re interested in visiting spooky places, such as:

Ghost Tour – Covers the U.S. and Canada and uses GPS to locate haunted places near you. This would be fun on vacations.

HauntFinder – Another GPS-based service that displays “haunted house” attractions in your vicinity.

Abandoned – Locator for interesting abandoned places, from empty mental asylums to deserted graveyards.

Ghost Hunters Haunted House Finder – Another TV show tie-in, listing museums, tourist attractions, and other “haunted” locations.

For the Pagan/Wiccan crowd, useful apps include:

Wheel of the Year – A “clock” with the year’s 8 sabbats.

Wiccan Moon – Moon tracker with zodiac and countdown to the next full moon.

iLuna – Another moon tracker.

Hours – Planetary hours calculator.

Moon Phase Widget – Pared-down phase-of-the-moon indicator for your home screen.

Google Sky Map – Splendid astronomy explorer; point your phone at the sky and the app will tell you what you’re looking at: stars, planets, constellations, and any other celestial objects within your view.

Pagan Calendar – An event viewer for the site.

Goddess Tarot – Attractive “deck” with reading spreads and browsable cards.

Legacy of the Divine Tarot – Another tarot program; this allows you to save your custom spreads.

Runes – High-tech divination using the Elder Futhark rune set.

Gaia Speaks – App which claims to use a “ground-based array” to pick up environmental changes and translate them into speech. I’ve seen it compared to interpreting traditional oracles, so it might be an interesting divination technique.

There are also several flavors of ouija board-type apps, including:

Destiny Board – Fairly standard ouija board.

Witch Board – Another ouija-type board, although for some reason it insists that the phone has to be held instead of placed on a flat surface.

Planchette – Uses the phone itself as the planchette.

Ask the Dead – Offers “ouija board” and “guided séance” mode. Some of the comments indicate that it reads names from your Contacts list. Cheaters.

Finally, some random spooky/gothy apps:

Ghost Capture – Fun photomanipulation tool that allows you to add everything from creepy Victorian children to glowing orbs to photos you take with your phone’s camera.

Spooky Clock, Zombie Clock, Alice Clock, and Halloween Clock are all different flavors of themed clocks (duh).

Zombie Weatherman – An appropriately-garbed zombie reports the weather, and if you don’t like the results you can beat him up.

Creepy Contacts – Adds a Halloween theme to your Contacts list, complete with cute little “friend” icons.

A Edgar Allan Poe Collection – The complete works of Poe, for cheap.

Goth Radio – Aggregator for several popular goth radio stations.

Voodude – Your own little voodoo doll to abuse.

There are, of course, plenty of others, but these are a dandy start.

(That silicon phone case, by the way, is available here.)

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  1. xJane Says:

    Wow. When I worked at the Apple Store, I would explain podcasts to people as radio shows with a very narrow audience: “If you like something,” I would say, “there’s bound to be a podcast for it!”

    I guess the same is true of apps…

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