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Nefertem Shawl

July 26th, 2011 by Cobwebs


Nefertem Shawl

The Nefertem shawl is a lace-knitting pattern by Kristen Kapur of Through the Loops Designs. It’s currently only available as part of a pattern/yarn kit through The Loopy Ewe, but the pattern will be available by itself in October.

There’s a little more information about it in the Ravelry library, plus a photoset on Flickr where it’s also shown being worn as a scarf. Red Pepper Quilts has a review of the pattern and some more photos.

I love the delicate, spiderwebby look of this piece, and have to say that I think I like it better in the dark purply-grey yarn of the kit than I would in plain black. This would be a perfect light wrap for an evening out or, as Hinkenhook suggests, a bridesmaid’s gift to be worn in a Hallowedding.

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  1. Burning Prairie Says:

    Wow, convergence. Later today I am attending my sixth knitting class and learning beginning lace. Maybe by October I’ll be brave enough to try this!

  2. JoAsakura Says:


    you’ll have to link to pix when you do! It took me 2 years to knit a simple scarf. this is WAY beyond my abilities XD

  3. Janicemars Says:

    It would also look great in a nearly-black green. I’m taking a breather from an interweave knit-a-long that has a leaf lace border … not nearly as complex as this. Which is good considering my attention span right now. I like the leaf lace edging on this shawl though. I’ve been looking for leaf motifs and lace borders and this looks like a good one — though I would use the border on a tri-loomed shawl. Thanks for the heads up Jenna! We’ll see what she wants for the pattern in October.