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The Cemetery Club

December 27th, 2011 by Cobwebs

Cemetery Club LogoI’m a big fan of cemeteries, so I was pleased to discover the Cemetery Club site. Its tagline is, “Where cemeteries come to life and cemetery fans come together,” and although it’s somewhat on the sparse side content-wise, it’s got some good resource links and information about things like tomb rubbings.

It’s also home to Epitaphs, an online magazine devoted to old cemeteries. The magazine accepts submissions, so if you have an article, photograph, or book review this might be a good place to get some exposure.

The site owner also maintains a couple of relevant pages on Facebook, one for the magazine and one called Grave Book which features, “Headstones, Cemeteries, Abandoned Buildings and Haunted Houses.”

If you’re fond of graveyardy things–and if you aren’t, you’re definitely on the wrong blog–go check ’em out.

(via The Gothic Tea Society)

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