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An Officer and a Link Dump

October 21st, 2011 by Cobwebs

The H.P. Lovefest – Defective Yeti is posting Lovecraftian tidbits throughout the month of October.

Eye Popping – Tutorial for making ridiculously cute eyeball cake pops, plus a version decorated with teensy spiders.

Felt Halloween Ornaments – Free patterns for three simple and squee-worthy felt ornaments. These would look cute on a “Halloween tree,” or made into a baby’s mobile. You could also enlarge the patterns and make trick-or-treat bags.

Hide – Low-res, simple game that somehow manages to be pretty creepy.

Magical Color Changing Drinks – Brilliantly simple idea for a kid’s party.

Femme Fatales – Sleek art deco-ish series of famous monsters depicted as flappers.

Welcome Home Inigo – Blogger Aunt Peaches commissioned a rather splendid Inigo-Montoya-on-black-velvet portrait from Bruce White of Velvet Geek. Because what isn’t improved by Inigo Montoya on black velvet? Nothing, that’s what.

The Screensaver – Hahahahahahaha.

The Immersion Book of Steampunk – Anthology of short steampunky stories.

Three from Hostess with the Mostess:
Deathly Hallows Dinner Party – Spectacular dinner party idea with lots of detailed photos.
All Hallows Eve Dinner – Creepily elegant dinner party theme. I especially love the candy-filled apothecary jars.
Spellbound Sweets – Lots of printable labels, plus some lovely decorating ideas: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3.

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  1. LimeyFish Says:

    Curse you, Cobewbs! And your evil, time-sucking, productivity-destroying, interest-piqueing, fascinating, enjoyable link-dumps, too!

  2. pensive Says:

    LimeyFish!- hahahahahaha

    I cannot wait until my friends finish with the “our kids are at the sitters so lets drink until we forget them” phase of Halloween. That All Hallows Eve Dinner shall happen ASAP. sigh.

  3. Sisifo Says:

    I want the Fett on black velvet. Seriously.
    And feel free to invite me to a Deathly Hallows dinner party. I’ll even dress up.

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