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August 21st, 2012 by Cobwebs

Help me out here, guys: I recently pared down the site blogroll quite a bit to get rid of dead links and other cruft. This leaves me plenty of room to repopulate it with useful new links. So…suggest some!

Are there gothy/crafty/DIY/home decor sites that you visit regularly? Would your own site interest this site’s readers? Lemme have it in the comments!

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  1. Dana Says:

    Is it in poor taste to suggest one’s own site if it fits? :-)

  2. Cobwebs Says:

    Not in the least. Says so right in the post. ;D

  3. Robot Monster Dad Says:

    Might I suggest Dave Lowe ( and his comic Para Abnormal ( I’ve been enjoying his posts for a few years now.

  4. Kaitlin Michelle Says:

    I wish my site was more gothic, but sadly I run a book review site (home horror, but other genres too).

    Here are some other interesting blogs (although yours is the one I haunt the most)
    Where Abnormal is Normal
    A handy goths chronicle or sewing, home improvement, and craft projects.
    Fashion, Culture, and crafts from the dark side
    Creatively creepy concoctions

  5. jeanne e. Says:

    it isn’t gothy, but i have been addicted to design sponge (…lots of cool design stuff and beautiful interiors there and the before and after section is great…”trendy” stuff, but could be made gothy with a little tweaking, i am sure.

  6. Miranda Says:

    I second the Dave Lowe blog!

  7. cookie Says:

    I get to surf during work so here are a FEW places that should pique your intrest.
    More cool than geeky, science with an edge.
    Steampunkish BEFORE steampunk became trendy. Started by a man who spent his life and fortune proving the Earth is flat. I have oodles of fun using my membership card as an ID.
    If it wasn’t for this guy I would never have known that there are monuments to anti-gravity scattered all over the country including the next town over and plenty of other cool weird stuff too.
    Things that will keep you up at night wondering. Not for the paranoid.
    Everything you could possibly want to know about graves and gravestones; from epithets and odd memorials, to how to properly do a gravestone rubbing. Lots of side stuff leads and websites too.
    Having weird dreams? Want to read about other people’s dreams? This is the place.
    Pictures,bio’s, inside stories etc., everything and everyone having to do with sideshows, carnivals and “freaks”. Well done, there is NOTHING lurid or sleazy here, just stories about un-common humanity.
    Half of this site is commercial, an online catalog for her store BUT the rest is education and information about hoo-doo, folklore, superstitions and blues music. Classes are offered but it would take a LONG LONG time to absorb the info that is freely offered.
    The nations oldest college radio station. There is music here that you will find NO WHERE ELSE!! Strange exotic funny and moving; just listen.

    …a one-shot wonder/ do not miss this….’sminiatures
    One of the most AMAZING things that you will ever see EVER!!!!! A goldsmith that works in miniature. He made pairs of golden horseshoes to fit the feet of a FLEA. He hollowed out a poppy seed and carved a family of golden swallows nesting inside. He carves between heartbeats. His work will take your breath away and engender a feeling of awe and pride; a human being made these things.

  8. Pixel Pixie Says:

    I won’t nominate myself, but I second both Goth-It-Yourself and Para Abnormal. Tystan’s Costume Closet ( might be of interest to you as well.

  9. Mimsy Says:

    There’s an adorable song on youtube called “Dumb Ways to Die” that’s worth looking into. I especially love how cheerful all of the recently deceased cartoons look.

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