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The Link Dump of the Opera

June 8th, 2012 by Cobwebs

Death and Dementia – Massive link repository that covers everything from instructions for articulating skeletons to a pagan search engine. Plenty of NSFW, so click at your own risk. (Hat tip to Cookie)

Goth Opera Singer Wows Judges – Heartwarming video of a goth kid’s Susan Boyle moment.

Cards Against Humanity – Interesting-looking party game; from the reviews it sounds sort of like a really twisted version of Apples to Apples. The first set is also available as a free PDF on their site. Expansion packs are available as well.

Steampunk Ray Gun – Great-looking mod of a toy plastic gun.

C for Cookie – “Movie trailer” depicting a futuristic world where the consumption of cookies is controlled by the government.

Cthulhu Poppet – Lovecraft meets primitive folk art. I like that the listing describes it as a “Sweet, little ultimate embodiment of evil.” (Hat tip to Pensive Pumpkin)

Chocolate Brain from MRI Scan – Instructables member Inition used a friend’s MRI to create a 3-D chocolate model of his brain. He’s posted details if you have an MRI lying around that you aren’t sure what to do with.

Harry Clarke Illustrations for Poe – Great high-res illustrations.

Scandals of Classic Hollywood – Analysis of vintage Hollywood scandals, from a woman who has a doctorate(?) in the subject.

Zombie Bust Cake – This is a darn impressive use of a standard heart-shaped cake pan.

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  1. xJane Says:

    Cards Against Humanity looks like how I already play Apples to Apples—although with cards like “German dungeon porn” it just makes it that much easier.

    I want to make one of those guns SO HARD. I just bought new steampunky boots that make me feel like I need a ray gun strapped to my thigh at all times.

    C for Cookie should really be brought to you by the number 100, not 5. Really, now.

    Those scans are truly amazing. And some of them look familiar—I wonder if my father had such an edition lying around…

  2. Jessica Says:

    Love that zombie bust cake! Would make a great cake at a zombie themed bachelorette party! (or maybe I’m just really weird…)

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