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June 22nd, 2012 by Cobwebs

Eat Your Heart Out – “Deliciously bad-taste cakes.” NSFW. Some graphic but oddly edible images.

PlayFic – BoingBoing mentioned an interesting programming toolset for easily writing your own text adventure games. Some of the comments with other suggestions are also enlightening. If you’ve always wanted to write another sequel to Zork, here’s your chance.

Virginia Cheeseman – UK entomological supplier. Ships to most of Europe, although sadly not worldwide. (It also took me a few minutes to realize that “Virginia Cheeseman” is her name, not a description of her location and occupation.)

MyPhotoStitch – Automatically converts an uploaded photo, sketch, or other image into a cross-stitch pattern.

Vampire Cookies – As xJane puts it, “a use for those gods-awful lip cookie cutters.” (Thanks, xJane!)

Hair Hats – Artist Nagi Noda’s sculptural hair…things. They’re certainly arresting.

Volpin Props – Freelance propmaker who creates some astonishing stuff.

Superhero Wedding Inspiration – Lots of interesting ideas that could be re-themed to darker comic-book heroes.

Lovecraft and Tesla – Illustration of a fictional version of SyFy’s Paranormal Investigators, starring H.P. Lovecraft and Nikola Tesla. I would watch the hell out of this. (Hat tip to pdq)

Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark Art – A collection of illustrations from the book that scarred a generation of kids.

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  1. Bruno Says:

    Re: PlayFic, I cannot recommend enough Anna Anthropy’s book Rise of the Videogame Zinesters.

  2. Sisifo Says:

    Scary Stories: Oh, how I loved that book. And those illustrations were so perfect. Best ever.

  3. xJane Says:

    MyPhotoStitch might get me back into cross-stitching!

  4. WitchArachne Says:

    Thank you so much! I found MyPhotoStitch ages ago and couldn’t remember what it was called so I couldn’t find it again.
    You rock.

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