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December 5th, 2008 by Cobwebs

There’s nothing even resembling a theme here, unless you count “I swept out my Drafts folder and dumped it all here,” as a unifying element.

Weird Tales – The classic magazine reinvents modern spooky with a lovely Website relaunch.

15 Weirdest Shoes – I want the platforms with the live tarantula in the sole.

“Bones” Salt and Pepper Shakers – Cute little shakers shaped like femurs.

Turkey Head Salt and Pepper Shakers – Shakers cast from real dead turkey heads. The seasonings come out their nostrils. Wish I’d known about these before Thanksgiving.

Smugopedia – Their tagline is, “Pretend you know better,” and they describe the site thusly: “Smugopedia is a collection of slightly controversial opinions about a variety of subjects. We offer you the chance to buy a fleeting sense of self-satisfaction at the small cost of alienating your friends and loved ones.”

Rose Ice Cubes – Neat idea for spiffing up a champagne bucket.

Food Chain Friends – A whole series of plush animals eat each other, but are oddly serene about it. You’d think that this would be offered by some “alternative” retailer, but it’s on sale at FAO Schwarz.

Trilobite Cookies – Instructions on making little chocolatey fossilized arthropods using one of those gun-shaped cookie press things.

Gothic Charm School – The Lady of the Manners gives tips on how to be a better black-clad freak.

American Monsters – A clearinghouse for U.S. cryptozoology.

The Steampunk Home – Blog devoted to steampunk decor and accessories.

Idol Cake – A child’s birthday cake inspired by the golden idol at the beginning of Raiders of the Lost Ark. Lots of neat detail work.

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