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Happy Halloween!

October 31st, 2012 by Cobwebs

SpiderMy pals the barn spiders were right on schedule this year: They show up seemingly out of nowhere every fall, and it’s their appearance that really means autumn to me. They’re plump and fuzzy and orange-and-black, and the outside of our house is currently festooned with living Halloween decorations.

Since today is the Big Day, I’m going to turn the forum over to you guys: What’s your favorite thing about Halloween? Share it in the comments!

p.s. – As is my annual wont, I’ll be participating in the unfortunately-acronymed NaBloPoMo again. There will be a post every day of November, including weekends. Can you hardly wait? I thought so.

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  1. Squidler Says:

    We call those guys Wood Spiders up here (Canada) and they show up mid summer to fall. Build some of the biggest, toughest webs around. (like throw a baby carrot into it and it’ll stick tough) If you tickle a thread, they come running out of a corner right at your finger. Very good for helping people get their screams out

    Towards fall they seem to get larger rear ends, and if your willing, you can pet them with your finger. Some of ’em run away, but some seem to like it…

    You think we have the same spiders?

  2. xJane Says:

    “Very good for helping people get their screams out” Ha! Love it :)

    My favorite is costumes at work/school. Just sitting there, minding your business, in a crazy wig or fangs or full make up or …

  3. Ghoul Friday Says:

    Happy Halloween! Those spiders have covered my entire doorway in one night. They are not foolin around.

    Didn’t see any this year. I am ok with that.

  4. WitchArachne Says:

    Being a Skip, Halloween wasn’t really a thing around here, more something that we saw on TV every so often. Growing up, when we tried to Trick or Treat we’d get doors slammed in our faces while people shouted “This isn’t America!”
    Now it’s more widely celebrated and the little kids are used to it, but the older kids (13, 14 year olds) still copped a bit of what we experienced.
    My favourite bit this year was seeing the look on the older kids’ faces when I dragged out the cauldron of lollies for them to dig into. There were actually some who were shouting “oh my god, you guys are awesome!” and calling out for their friends to come look.
    I remember how great it was to find a house that celebrated Halloween. I love being that house now.

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