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Embroidered Shoes

January 24th, 2013 by Cobwebs

Embroidered ShoesOver at Eclectic Wonderland, Marisa showcases some splendid Doctor Who-themed sneakers that she embroidered to wear to a convention. She comments elsewhere that they were too time-consuming to make for sale, so these aren’t something you could knock out in an afternoon, but if you’ve got some time the required skillset is fairly minimal.

The embroidery is all very simple outline stitch, and none of the images have any fiddly detail bits, the easier to stitch onto an uneven surface. You’d want to choose shoes made of thin material with no extraneous decoration, such as simple canvas sneakers (slip-ons rather than laced would make this even easier).

Marisa chose iconic images from the series, but obviously darker material could be used: Either images from your own favorite TV series/movie or simply random spooky elements like blood droplets, vampire fangs, and bats. Hand-draw (or, if you’re truly hopeless with drawing, find clip art with very simple lines) your chosen images, then using transfer paper (available at sewing supply stores) to copy them onto the shoes. If you really mess up, the transfer lines can be removed by dabbing them with a wet cloth and a drop of dish soap. When stitching, be careful not to leave big knots on the inside which might irritate your feet.

This is a nicely portable project, so it’d be a good project for long car rides or just sitting in front of the TV.

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  1. xJane Says:

    Having flashbacks to forced embroidery as a child. After watching Game of Thrones and other shows involving raising-children-in-a-castle, I’m convinced my mother was trying to raise a princess. Which sounds awesome, but not when you realize that that just means to be married off to a man with lots of land.

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