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Cannibal Link Dumps in the Avocado Jungle of Doom

May 24th, 2013 by Cobwebs

Wonderland – Lovely series of fantasy photographs, created by a woman to honor her mother’s memory. (Hat tip to Cat)

All We Have is Now – Music video involving zombie love.

Black Cherry Cake Company – Dark-and-geeky cakes and pastries. Some really lovely handiwork, particularly on the wedding cakes.

Blossom the Baby Bat – If you imagine vampires turning into something this patently snorgle-able their scare factor goes right down the toilet.

Deep Sea Fauna… with Googly Eyes – Tumblr which is just what it says on the tin.

Handheld – Miniature furniture made of fake human skin. These are utterly horrifying.

Cthulhu Mittens – Free pattern. Man, I really need to learn to knit.

Spider Web Bedding – Cotton sheets by Sin in Linen.

Dancing with the Green Fairy – A short history of absinthe, plus lots of nice vintage images and photos of impedimenta.

Lessons From My Mother – Series of embroidered superstitions and old wives’ tales related by the artist’s mother. An interesting, vintage-y vibe; somewhat NSFW.

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  1. Kaitlin Michelle Says:

    Me too, on the learning to knit thing. Or crochet. There are so many cute monster/zombie/nerdy things to make now, like those mittens. Or decorate cakes for that matter, those cakes are crazy cool. <3

    WOWOWOWOOWOW those Wonderland pictures are amazingly beautiful.

    SQUUEEEEEEEE at Blossom! How cute! I want to find a little baby bat, but I don't know if I could let it go back into the wild. :/
    We had wild bats in our backyard, that I named Wednesday and Puglsey when I was a child. They lived in our palm tree for a few years. It was so exciting to watch them fly around.

  2. WitchArachne Says:

    I suck so much at knitting it’s incredible, so I’m not even going to look at that link because it’ll make me sad.
    The spider sheets, on the other hand, make me very happy. I seriously want some.
    That bat makes me want to hug it forever (especially since it’s only 6cm long. Tinyness = adorability).
    Googly eyes improve everything.
    That woman’s photography is absolutely stunning. My favourite is the White Queen’s Armada. I seriously love tallships.

  3. WitchArachne Says:

    I seriously can’t believe how much time I’m spending looking at googly-eyed sea creatures.

  4. xJane Says:

    That. tongue.

    Also loving the absinthe files. I need one of everything in those photos.

  5. xJane Says:

    I thought this was terrifying until I saw this.

  6. Terri Says:

    Just can’t get enough wiggly eyes!

  7. Sisifo Says:

    I can’t stop listening to that song. Yay for new music!

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