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May 28th, 2013 by Cobwebs

RearwolfBoingBoing recently posted a ridiculous picture of a monster made from a taxidermied deer butt, and my immediate thought was, “Huh; somebody had too much time on their hands.” However, the comments soon made it clear that deer butt monsters are kind of a thing.

They can also be found under the name “rearwolf,” “deer butt alien,” or–my favorite–“assquatch.” They’re periodically available on eBay or from taxidermists with a sense of whimsey. Redneck art connoisseur Don Burleson even provides general instructions for making one of your own, although you would need to already have a decent familiarity with taxidermy to make much use of them.

Still, if you ever find yourself in possession of a deer butt that you don’t know what to do with, this would certainly be an interesting project. (Or you could make the “doe bell” deer-butt doorbell, also showcased on Burleson’s site, instead.)

If you’re less ambitious, you could also follow the general guidelines and use faux fur instead. The taxidermy fangs and eyes look pretty neat, and a fake-monster “trophy” would be an arresting addition to a wall or bookcase.

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  1. WitchArachne Says:

    Ahahahaha “assquatch!” I’m crying XD

  2. xJane Says:

    “Attractive rat butt plaque.”

    Although really, the “fine product” “Butt Out” terrifies me on a—ahem—visceral level.

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