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Labyrinth “Junk Lady” Cosplay

May 25th, 2016 by Cobwebs

Junk LadyJen and John from EPBOT are DIY-ing fools, creating amazing props and costumes from “dirt cheap” materials. When they learned that this year’s DragonCon was going to feature a Labyrinth-themed ball, they immediately started work on an appropriate cosplay costume. Rather than choosing one of the main characters, they decided to focus on the rarely-portrayed Junk Lady.

The costume isn’t done yet, but they shared a “first look” and it is awesome.

They’re striving for total screen accuracy with her junk pile, and are going all-in:

Me: “John, that toy desk-organizer with a built-in abacus on the back of her pile is barely visible even with the TV brightness set to max. Do you REALLY need to build one from scratch?

John: “…. ” [already in the garage building one from scratch]

The post has loads of build notes and some great ideas for building the costume frame, just in case you’re looking for some Halloween inspiration. This is a brilliant project and I can’t wait to see the final result.

Update: – They just did another build post, detailing some of the junk. It is awesome.

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  1. Jordan Says:

    Wow! Amazing how much work went into this. So excited to see it completed.

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