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Yes, Romance is Dead

March 27th, 2009 by Cobwebs

Til DeathThe CakeWrecks blog has a post that’s a tad harsh on spooky wedding cakes. Admittedly, a couple of the examples in their post are a little cheesy for a wedding–although I’d love the toe-tag picture on an anniversary card–but they’re not so much “wrecked” as just out of the blogger’s comfort zone (if you really want to roll your eyes, read some of the comments).

I’ve mentioned spooky cakes previously, but as long as I’m on the subject here are a couple I missed last time around:

Some skull cakes from Cake Alchemy.

An elegant Pumpkin design and a nice Corpse Bride theme from Pink Cake Box.

Another Corpse Bride design from Wild Cakes. Check out the cloud of little blue butterflies surrounding the cake.

A Halloween/harvest theme from Carlucci’s Bakery. This one would be reasonably easy to replicate, since most of the decorations are fondant cutouts rather than icing.

An offbeat “Till Death Do Us Part” cake from Ace of Cakes. (Check out their Beardsley cake, too.)

Several designs from Let Them Eat Cake. This is an all-Flash interface, which I hate SOOOO much because it won’t let me link to individual pages, but if you click on the thumbnails there are some spectacular designs. I’m especially blown away by the Nightmare Before Christmas cake about halfway through the slideshow.

Any of these beat the daylights out of ecru buttercream and doves.

Update: The CakeWrecks “Sunday Sweets” post added some much nicer undead cakes.

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  1. Diane Says:

    so many pretty cakes!! i do love the blue butterflies on the one corpse bride cake!

    Let Them Eat Cake’s cakes totally blew my mind though! just… wow!

  2. Musing Says:

    Ha. That second pic Cake Wrecks featured reminds me of Mrs. Haversham in Great Expectations.

  3. Wedding Skulls Says:

    Woot! Thanks for the awesome cake links – I do love me a spooky cake.

  4. Undead Wedding Cakes: putting the death back into ’till death do us part’ Says:

    […] with some beautiful creations. In response, Art of Darkness has posted a rather thorough post of fantastic gothic cakes. If you’re looking for wedding cake inspiration – I suggest you look through these links. […]

  5. Gothgirl Says:

    Roll your eyes at the comments? You weren’t kidding!

    That Nightmare Before Christmas cake was really well done.

  6. ysabelkid Says:

    I am in love with the skully cakes. Although mine would probably also have to have some sci-fi, fantasy and game geek thrown in (and wouldn’t THAT be a cake-wreck of note?).
    My main problem with the snarky comments was the gleefully malicious tone of “aren’t they going to feel like idiots when they show these pics to their kids / grandkids!”. I guess it’s just impossible to imagine that someone who’s into the offbeat will likely stay that way for the rest of their lives and not join the pastel twinset brigade.

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