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Decoupage Ceiling

April 27th, 2009 by Cobwebs

DecoupageBlogger Mr. Peacock came up with a wonderful way to add interest to a ceiling by decoupaging clip art all over it. It’s dirt cheap, extremely innovative, and open to all kinds of personalization. He used black-and-white photocopied artwork on a white ceiling, but you could also paint the ceiling and use color images.

He chose a “Birds and Bees” theme (actually birds, flowers, and bugs), but it goes without saying that you could choose darker imagery. Victorian graveyard images (City of the Silent has a nice collection, although the site currently appears to be wonky), a collage of vintage Halloween graphics, or nature illustrations featuring spiders and scorpions are all possibilities.

I like the crisp, clean lines of the art against the ceiling; they draw the eye without being overwhelming. Decoupage is fairly easy to remove, so this would be a good decorating idea for renters. It’s also a project that doesn’t have to be done all at once; you could make your ceiling an ongoing work of art, filling in blank areas as you have time.

Link (via Apartment Therapy)

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