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Casting Call for “Goth Bride” TV

April 22nd, 2009 by Cobwebs

I got a “cold call” e-mail yesterday:

I am looking for goth, rock ‘n’ roll, and rockabilly brides and newlyweds for a new show! Brides and newlyweds will compete to win up to $10,000!

If you know anyone in the Los Angeles area who might be interested, please forward my contact information to them or feel free to send me theirs.

Thanks so much!

Krystal Fonte
Casting Producer
O: 323.799.2535

Disclaimer: I know nothing about this person or the show she mentions (a quick google around didn’t turn up anything obvious), but if you’re a goth bride in the L.A. area you might want to check it out.

The rest of us can keep a lookout for a new show involving alternative weddings.

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  1. Bree Says:

    WHAT? Now Goth’s get their own REALITY SHOW? What the heck? I’m probably going to rant and rave about that show, but I bet I’m gonna end up watching it with my mother. I can hear her now… “Is… Is that a woman or a man?
    Oh my gosh! That girl has a Mohawk! Look at all of her tattoos! you know if god wanted you to have that mark…”

    This makes me worry about The culture… It’s getting overexposed… I hope that this doesn’t have a negative effect. Goth is my home… :(

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