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Goths in Hot Weather

May 19th, 2009 by Cobwebs

Goth CoupleI love blogs that are dementedly devoted to a particular, obscure subject. They’re the Internet equivalent of a museum dedicated entirely to shrimp forks.

Goths in Hot Weather is just such a blog, and it’s devoted to just exactly what it says it is. I particularly like that the subjects are assigned a scale of both gothiness and sweatiness.

Link (via Miss Cellania)

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  1. Ghoul Friday Says:

    This site is good fun, though I must say I’d be even more interested in a museum dedicated to shrimp forks.

  2. GothsInHotWeather Says:

    Hi, thanks for the linky :) got any photos of shrimp forks? They sound like my cup of tea…

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