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I Find This Vaguely Depressing

May 27th, 2009 by Cobwebs

Fright NightDreamWorks is going to remake Fright Night.

They promise that the new version will keep the “comedy-horror tone,” and as nearly as I can tell it’s pretty much going to be the same movie but with updated special effects. I really can’t imagine anyone capably filling Chris Sarandon’s or Roddy McDowell’s shoes, and rather doubt that shiny CGI effects will make up for their absence.

I vote that we immediately institute some sort of official review panel that has to approve any potential remake of a movie before production can begin. And if they’re presented with some kind of wacky “reimagining” of a much-beloved film, they’re allowed to slap the writers.

(Bonus Update: I find this really, really depressing.)

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  1. Mr. Macabre Says:

    I think that the word I would use is ‘abomination’.

    The campy, cheese factor that Fright night had could not be easily duplicated in the least…they tried in Fright Night 2, and it bombed. Ugh, why can’t they leave well enough alone?

    On a lighter note, I think that Evil Ed went on to be a porn star, no kidding.

  2. The Infernal Mr Adams Says:

    Agreed :P

  3. Stuart Bray Says:

    Noooohhh! Leave it alone. I know they are doing it because it will make money…but just because they can doesn’t mean they should.

    It won’t be the same movie. Leave it leave it leave it! Just make a cool vampire movie-not a remake.

  4. Pam Says:

    NO. I refuse this.

    I do not accept this as reality!!!

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