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Egad, a Link Dump

July 17th, 2009 by Cobwebs

Craftster Shirts – Skull shirts with knitting needles or scissors as the “crossbones.” You can add any slogan you want; I kind of like the one that says, “Yaaaaarn!”

Tattoos – Cracked takes a look at what your tats really mean.

Black Deck of Cards – I think I’d go cross-eyed staring at these after a while, but they look pretty cool.

Modern Alchemy – Candles with scents like “Secret Society,” “Speak Easy,” and “Salem.”

Two stitchers who specialize in subversive cross-stitch patterns: Kate Westerholt and Katie Kutthroat.

Safeword T-shirt – This makes me giggle. Available from Unshelved, which also has a fairly amusing Webcomic.

Evil Nemesis Wanted – Amusing Craigslist ad.

Four Halloween-themed mainstream games that might be good for kids: Halloween Jenga, Boo-opoly, Halloween Yahtzee, and I Spy Spooky Nights

Mean Cards – Darkly humorous stick-figure cards with messages such as, “It won’t hurt, you’ll like it” and “Crying means you’re weak.” The artist also maintains a blog liberally sprinkled with the same figures.

The Biology of B-Movie Monsters – Giant ants vs. the Cube-Square Law and much more.

The Fantastical Capybara – Interview with an owner of what amounts to a gigantic rat. I want a capybara.

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    FRIDAY–LINK DUMP DAY!! Thank you!

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