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Coffin Sofa

June 22nd, 2009 by Cobwebs

Coffin SofaYou will pardon me whilst I pick my jaw up off the ground. Etsy seller VonErickson offers this unbelievably gorgeous velvet-upholstered sofa in red, black, or purple. The lid even closes.

It’s $3,500 plus a variable (and presumably fairly large) amount of shipping. Sure, that’s more expensive than Ikea, but the Swedes know nothing about this kind of awesome stylishness. I’d love to make this the focal point of a dark living room.

I’ll go get a mop for my drool now.

Link (via BoingBoing)

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  1. MsDerious Says:

    Oh my! I want, I want, I want!

    Now, how do I make this out of some old curtains and plyboard? I expect the answer is ‘badly’

  2. Gloria S. Says:

    Really I saw this & I am thinking…so cool I wonder if I dare ask my hubbs to cut me out a couch & loveseat for halloween deco????I seriously think a little think power & yes!!!!! it could be done far cheaper than the bought $$$$!!! Plywood & foam of course would be the pricey part!!! Old curtians.bedspreads if ya don’t have check junk store!!!I like the thought of red velvet.The legs check the manstore (IE Lowes or Home Depot) foe clearance rack legs & finials old furniture for the legs…Those corset lamps once again junk store for creepy sculpture,gaygoles(halloween clearance)bats,ravens turn into lamps with that lamp making kit…after complete plug into a flicker plug…a 13 hour clock a pedestal with a guest book complete with a feathered for coffe tables & end tables..don’t wanna repeat the coffin thing will think on that,for sure..and for the cherry a china cabinet containing old spooky pics & potions dusty with age Oh my I already have halloween 2009 planned & started,so 2010 I think I have my theme…iffin hubbs will agree..LOL would indeed be grand Halloween dinner 20210 (party!!!)decided!!!! I am a true Halloweenie,planning a party for this is like planning a wedding!!!!! Anyone care to be on the 2010 guest list?? LOL

  3. Gloria S. Says:

    okay I am back..talked to hubby about his part of building the couch & loveseat…he did some ciphering in his head..for his part wood frame..less than 200.00 WOW!!! Not bad for my part will need foam & fabric I am guess about the same 200. My exception & we discussed this I want the upolstered seat to lift for storage..cause for me this is only Halloween decos not live with all year furniture.For coffee table I have decided abuild it your self coffee table with a oujia board top which he will build & I will paint the top as a vintage talking board,how cool is that??? Still working on end table ideas perhaps tombstones topped with glass. I have a 1850ish square grand piano,which will fit the theme so perfect.The 13 hour clock must be a grandfather of sorts clock… now will have to figure dining room to coordinate…so how long ya think it will be before I am back with even MORE ideas??? LOL

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