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June 25th, 2009 by Cobwebs

Zabet over at the Anticraft blog recently joined Kiva, a site which makes microloans to disadvantaged businesspeople who couldn’t qualify for a loan otherwise. She posted about the lady she’s sponsoring here, and said:

Would anyone be interested in having an Angstylvanian lending team?

“Because the best way to fix a problem is to throw money at it.”
–Svetlana Vyalostova, Team Angstylvania Olympic coach

Who could refuse that?

I joined, and my first loan has gone to a lady in Azerbaijan who raises cows. (Shadow Jack steadfastly refuses to let me raise livestock, so now I can do it vicariously.) You’re not on the hook for a large amount: They have a $25 minimum, but you can add small amounts to your account over time until you have enough to lend.

I sort of love the idea of an entire team of goths on the same community-service bandwagon, so if you’d like to play along register at Kiva and then go join Team Angstylvania.

Think of it as feeding the karma meter.

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  1. Tala Says:

    I love Kiva, and who knew helping people could be so addictive? I’ve invested $100 now, and can re-lend $25 whenever that amount gets paid back from multiple $25 loans – so a the moment my $100 is helping out 7 groups of people. Shiny!

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