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Steamy Horrorpunk

August 4th, 2009 by Cobwebs

HorrorpunkArtist Heather Jean has spent a lot of time turning her home into “an atmosphere to suit my eccentric and esoteric tastes.” Although she says her decorating style is more horror- than steampunk, there’s plenty of both influences at work.

The Steampunk Home has more photos.

I like this look because it’s interesting without being cluttered and it doesn’t rely on unusual paint, wallpaper, or carpeting. The walls are white, the paint detailing is dark but not weird, and the floors are plain. This would be a great way to bring an enormous amount of character to an apartment or other space where you couldn’t do a lot with the walls and floor. It’s also the kind of design scheme that you can build up over time, collecting oddments as you run across them.

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