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Ghost Lamp

April 4th, 2008 by Cobwebs

Saddest Ghost LampI keep running across references to this lamp based on Marcel Dzama’s Saddest Ghost painting (I’d have to say “loosely based”). Everyone coos how perfect it would be for a child’s room and how inexpensive it is. Perfect it may be, but they are apparently using a very different scale for “inexpensive” than the one used here at Shadow Manor because the cheapest I’ve found it is $150. I don’t plan to give Shadowboy décor worth $150 until two years after his shoe size stops changing.

For something a little cheaper, try the Mathmos Ghost, a softly-glowing lamp that “morphs” through several colors ($50), or the adorable Spöka from Ikea ($14.99).

You can also get crafty and paint or decoupage a regular lampshade with ghostly images, either for your baby bat’s room or as a decorative table lamp anywhere.

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  1. Memarie Lane Says:

    It is really cute, but not $150 cute!

  2. VE Says:

    Cheap Lamp $10
    Sheet to Throw Over $7
    Crayon to draw same ghost .10

    Thought at saving $132.80 to
    get the same damn thing,

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