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Dracula Ring

March 26th, 2008 by Cobwebs

Dracula RingQuantum Mechanix, a company which primarily specializes in replica science fiction props, is now offering an exact replica of the ring that Bela Lugosi wore in the original Dracula.

The original Dracula Crest prop was in the collection of gonzo SF/F fan Forrest Ackerman, and he was kind enough to let the QM guys photograph and mold the ring for a replica. The recreation is in .925 sterling silver with a carnelian stone inlay. The company takes pains to emphasize that the replicas are identical in material and design to the original Lugosi prop.

The QM page just has a short blurb and a note that availability will be announced, but a search on “Dracula crest ring” turns up a couple of dozen resellers who are already stocking it (there are a couple here and here).

It appears that the price across sites is $199 (with the exception of one site–which shall remain nameless–selling it for nearly twice that in the apparent belief that its customers don’t know what Google is). As nearly as I can tell it only comes in size 9, but you could have a jeweler adjust the fit. It might be a bit bulky for a woman’s finger, but you could always wear it as a thumb ring and claim you were going steady with Vlad.


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  1. ken meaux Says:

    i have a repro dracula ring and am disappointed that the stone behind the crest is NOT blood red. can anything be done about this?

  2. Silver Shadow Says:

    Didn’t you read the description bevore buying???
    A carnelian stone is NEVER red as blood, it is
    near a light strawberry-red!
    You must set a ruby behind the crest….!
    I own the ring myself and I like it!

  3. ken meaux Says:

    when i purchased dracula ring there were no other such rings available that i knew of and it was before my “puter” days, and….I desperaterly wanted a bela lugosi Dracula ring, so in general I am satisfied now,even preferring a RED stone in a more perfect world

  4. Gary Says:

    Hey Ken,

    Tried to contact you about Best of Bec Doux it’s been a while since last we spoke (nearly 27 years). Look forward to talking with you, Gary

  5. ken meaux Says:

    a coffee table version of the best of bec doux was promised by ul professor who recieved grant to publish a very ambitious EVERY COMIC STRIP of bec doux ever released.(am still waiting) comic strip now only appears in bon nouvelles published free once a month out of abbeville sans the french. how have you been Gary?

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