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“Retrofuture” Artwork

February 19th, 2008 by Cobwebs

ReliquaryArtist AlexCF describes himself as a “retrofuture cryptozoological assemblage artist and illustrator.”

i like to create items and objects from a past that wasnt quite; to fashion the things you wish existed in forgotten attics or secret rooms, dust covered relics of a time when the world was the same – but not quite, an age of wonder and intrigue. What you see here is the tip of a rather large iceberg, and over time i will reveal a plethora of oddities for you to enjoy, or buy.

His work is incredibly detailed and awesomely Victorian, including items like the Werewolf Anatomical Research Box, the Mountains of Madness Expedition Case, and this Vampire Research Reliquary, collected by an “unnamed cleric” who had sworn to protect humanity from the vampiric scourge. Each item includes a short “in character” backstory about its creation and use.

He also does creepy opium-dream illustrations of scenes from Alice in Wonderland and a lost retrofuture society.

Gorgeous stuff. Go look!

Link (via Science Fiction Brewed Fresh Daily)

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