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Eerie Color Palettes

March 27th, 2008 by Cobwebs

VampyrismHere are a couple of nice resource sites for color inspiration of the spooky sort, for crafts, interior decor, or Web design.

Color Hunter specializes in palettes made from images; enter a tag such as Halloween or Goth, and the site searches Flickr for images labeled with that tag. The thumbnails from Flickr are used to generate five complementary colors. It’s surprising how well it works.

COLOURLovers is a design community where users upload palettes and patterns. You can search on terms like Gothic, but they also feature “best of” sets like their Color Inspiration from the History of Halloween.

Both sites are great jumping-off points for finding the perfect color combination.

(Bonus: Here’s a silly hex code trick. Make your color choices mean something.)

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