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Happy Holidays!

December 25th, 2009 by Cobwebs

Hope your holidays are splendid, however you celebrate.

p.s. – Since everybody pitched a fit the last time I missed a Friday Link Dump, here are a few bonus links for your delectation.

Animal Ancestors – Artist Valerie Leonard paints custom portraits of pets replacing the people in famous paintings.

The Last Day on Earth – A series of interestingly apocalyptic photos by artist Stefano Bonazzi.

Haunted Places – An index of places around the world with reported hauntings. See if your town has any, and plan a visit. (Mine only has two, which seems rather low given that several Civil War battles happened around here.)

The Great Gruesome Christmas Carols – Now these are some lyrics.

Three book suggestions from Kitten Herder:
Haunt Your House – Grown-up tips for decorating.
Extreme Halloween – Putting the “scary” back into Halloween.
Ghoulish Goodies – Cupcakes (sooo cute!) and other treats.

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