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January 8th, 2010 by Cobwebs

The Book of Weird – Written and illustrated by the author, this is a lexicon of things from storybooks, fables and legends. The writing style is wonderfully lyrical, and you’ll learn everything from how to treat lepers (bathe them in blood) to the best way to handle werewolves.

Goodnight Keith Moon – “Goodnight Townshend jumping over the Moon….”

Gravestone Project – A “citizen science” project to gauge climate change by measuring wear on tombstones. Also an excellent excuse for hanging around graveyards.

Crocheted “Jolly Roger” Sweater – Hooded sweater complete with skull, ribcage, and arm bones. Sadly, no tutorial, but lots of inspirational pictures.

Goblin Teeth – Extremely cool jewelry made of “real” goblin teeth by Etsy seller BoilerGoth.

Custom Creature – Etsy seller who carries jewelry made of animal bits (skulls, hoofs, etc.) but also does “rogue taxidermy” featuring things like two-headed birds and chimerae.

Eyeballs – These were posted without description (they appear to perhaps be a candy of some sort) as one of the buffet items from this wedding; I just liked the way they all looked massed on a tray.

The Extraordinary World of Ex Libris Art – Cool roundup of bookplate artwork.

Instant Jury – Take your minor complaints to this site and a moderated panel will decide your case.

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