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Easy Skull Decor

April 8th, 2008 by Cobwebs

Skull BoxIf you’re looking for a quick way to add a few skulls to your decorating scheme, you need look no further than Indonesia. Skulls are an important decorative motif in the Balinese culture, and items with carved or painted skulls are readily available in import stores.

Most Indonesian skull representations have a sort of funky folk-art vibe, so they’d fit well with casual furnishings. For a more formal decorating scheme, choose one or two interesting pieces and display them as objets d’art.

Here are some online sources to get you started:

Bali Handcrafts – Wooden wall decor and small items such as wastebaskets. Surprisingly inexpensive.

Balibo – This place appears to be wholesale-only, so you may need to either find a retailer that carries their stuff or club together with a couple of friends. They have some neat pieces, so it might be worth the extra trouble.

Maskarade – Several skull mirrors about halfway down the page.

Tribal Asia – Carved skulls, plus some other interesting decorative items like demon masks.

Asian Tribal Artifacts – These guys sell real human skulls. No prices are given online, so I expect you’d have to be a very rich goth indeed to have one of these in your collection.

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