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Unique Place Cards

April 10th, 2008 by Cobwebs

Playmobil FiguresThis is inspired by an idea from Zakka Life, with a slightly darker twist.

These little figurines are Playmobil toys, which I simply love. All of the Playmobil line is wonderfully imaginative and detailed, and surprisingly inexpensive. They’re also the perfect size to make unique place cards which double as favors. Get one for each guest, print names on stiff paper or cardstock, and give one to each creature to hold. They’re great for dinner or Halloween parties, and would also make cute wedding favors.

The two little guys seen here are a skeleton filched from Shadowboy’s Treasure Island set, and a Scary Ghost that sits on my desk and makes co-workers nervous. There are tons of other options available, including a Castle Ghost, Ghost Pirate, Mummy Case with Skeleton, not to mention Vikings and Pirates and Fairies and if their next playset involves zombies it would not surprise me in the least. Playmobil also makes a few figures that are only available around Halloween, including vampires and witches, so you might want to stock up.

Fun, cheap, and easy. Three things I look for in a project.

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