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March 10th, 2010 by Cobwebs

So there I am, feasting on brains, and this dude calls me the z-word. And I’m like, “It’s un-dead American, asshole!” Yeesh.

Free idea: Get on the bus with a broom. Look at people, shrug, say “It broke down”. Sit down and act casual.

My favorite part about having cramps is the complimentary killing spree.

I learned 2 things about dealing with women today. But they won’t matter tomorrow when the rules change again.

I’m surprised a shop called Pet Stuff doesn’t offer taxidermy. With that name it’d just make sense. The same goes for Forever 21.

I just saw some graffiti that read, “Satin Rules!”. Now, either it’s a cult that can’t spell, or DISCO IS BACK BABY!!

Ice-dancers are what happens when you feed a ballerina after midnight.

If that zombie didn’t want me to shoot him in the head, he wouldn’t have said “HUNNGH.” That’s, like, zombie for “shoot me in the head.”…@ChaosNexus It’s true. It’s like that “Eskimos have 47 words for snow” only with zombies and shooting them in the head.

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  1. Melissa Says:

    Oh my god too funny!! I especially like the part about the killing spree! and Satin rules. About 3 years ago I’d drive past a certain church every day on my way to work. They had the inspirational sign out front and one day it said. ‘God adds and multiplies, Satin subtracts and multiplies’ and it stayed like that for a good month or so but I never remembered my camera. A church? lol

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