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Open Letter

February 15th, 2007 by Cobwebs

Dear producers of “Dora the Explorer,” who is sprinting toward first place on my list of cartoon characters my son loves and I can’t stand: Enough with the supernatural crapola. “El Mago,” the evil-as-well-as-bilingual sorcerer was bad enough, but yesterday you rolled out The Witch. Despite the fact that she looked not so much evil as just sort of pissed off, and she came around to Dora’s way of thinking in the end and joined in a celebratory dance with the rest of Dora’s friends,* she disturbed my son deeply. Throughout the rest of the day he would suddenly say, apropos of nothing and with genuine concern in his voice, “Da Witch not comin’,” and I would have to assure him that no, The Witch wasn’t coming, and witches didn’t exist, and well they kind of existed and some of his relatives were them, but not that kind, and besides didn’t The Witch join in the celebratory dance, complete with hand motions, at the end, and no, really, The Witch was not a threat. This is tiring. One more show about evil supernatural doings, and I’ll sic the Pagan Antidefamation League on your asses. Thank you.

*Including the mariachi-playing insects what the hell is up with those?

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