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DIY Vinyl Wall Art

March 16th, 2010 by Cobwebs

Vinyl Wall ArtAlert reader pdq sent along this link to a neat tutorial on making wall decals using ConTact paper, along with the comment, “The instructable itself is straitforward & easy, but the tentacled bit pictured is MARVELOUSLY Cthulhu-oid.” Right on both counts. (The author calls it “Tim Burton-esque / Tokyo Plastic vision of swirls,” which also works.)

The tutorial is nicely detailed, including instructions on sketching the design in advance and tips for ensuring that the paper won’t ruin your walls (note to non-US readers: ConTact is a brand rather than a description, so double-check to make sure you’re using similar stuff). There are also bonus instructions for using the scraps for bamboo and creepy tree silhouettes.

I really love the wiggly “tentacles are invading from another dimension” look of the finished decal, and since it isn’t permanent you could update it whenever you wanted a change. The paper comes in a variety of colors (including “chalkboard”), so there are all kinds of decorating possibilities without the long-term commitment of paint or stencils. Neat!

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  1. xJane Says:

    This is the kind of thing that you start small and then slowly increase the size of, Twit-like, until your significant other is swallowed in the void. Or starts doing it to you.

  2. pdq Says:

    Which Lovecraft story was it about the things that came through angles? THAT’S the thing that came to mind when I first saw it…

  3. Julie Says:

    I am in Australia, and so havn’t heard of the brand ConTact, however Ive done similar things that have damaged the walls when it has come time to remove. How easy is this to remove?

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