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Skeletal Stencil Idea

March 11th, 2010 by Cobwebs

Animal MagicUK-based PaperBoy specializes in wallpaper for children, specifically boys, which seems unnecessarily niche but that’s another story.* One of their designs is Animal Magic, featuring attractive animal sillhouettes with their skeletons screen-printed on top. I love the clean lines and the fact that they offer a range of tones, from just-barely-glimpsing-the-bones to more obvious skeletal overlays. They’ve also got a fabric in the same pattern, with the same more-or-less-obvious skeletons.

Unfortunately for those of us who are not very rich goths indeed, the hand-printing involved in producing these puts them way the heck out of our price range: £105 per meter for the cloth and £120 for a 10-meter roll of wallpaper. Eeyouch.

However, a similar look might be possible to DIY using purchased stencils, screen printing, or hand-painting. I doubt you’d want to hand-stencil your entire living room, but a frieze near the ceiling or one wall of a bathroom would probably be do-able. You could also paint enough fabric for a simple dress, or just use the skeleton-inside-the-bunny idea as one-off illustrations on throw pillows or tote bags. If you like needlework, a set of these animals would be fun to embroider along the edge of a skirt or as a sampler.

*What? Girls can’t like dinosaurs?

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  1. Smilodonna Says:

    Gadz, those really do cost a pretty penny! But I love the Animal Magic design, and being a female paleontology student, the Dya-think-e-saurus wallpaper is just too awesome. The niche concept is indeed a bit off-putting (heck, I think it’s evident that neither boys nor children are the only ones who would love to have a room covered in those prints), but that price is the main bar. I have to wonder if there are actually any households with kids that can afford those.

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