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Harry Potter Yarn

April 17th, 2008 by Cobwebs

Owl YarnOpal is releasing a line of “Harry Potter” sock yarn. According to their importer the yarns will be released in September to coincide with the release of the Half-Blood Prince movie.

Rather than any “house color” yarns, the yarn palettes all appear to be based on characters from the movie. The one with the Hedwig label is sort of, um, owl-colored, for example.

The Opal site includes a list of yarn shops which carry their products. And here’s a photo gallery of promotional images for the product.

The palettes are pretty, but I don’t think you could expect the casual observer to immediately discern the yarn’s significance. I suppose you could use the yarn for one of the Charmed Knits projects and completely embrace your inner HP geek. If you do, don’t tell me about it; I’d prefer to maintain a few illusions.

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