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The Coffin Couch

April 30th, 2008 by Cobwebs

Coffin CouchThis manufacturer “recycles” stainless-steel coffins collected from Southern California funeral homes. Their site says, “It is a health and safety law that funeral homes cannot resell used coffins to the general public,” but since they go on to imply that their recycling approach gives them a loophole I guess there’s no law against hosing ’em off and turning them into furniture.

The six cast-iron legs are each embossed with the universal biohazard insignia, which I think is a nice touch.

At $4500 these may be a bit pricy, but you can’t beat them for style. They might be worth keeping in mind for your next interior decorating project.

Link (via The Presurfer)

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  1. nutmeg Says:

    I’m stuck at used. WTF? Are they digging them up? Are ghosts returning them with receipts? I must admit, I like the furniture!

  2. Pam Says:


    What…your family didn’t pay off your funeral and they repo’d your coffin? Gross!

  3. Cobwebs Says:

    I think they’re probably referring to “rental coffins,” used by funeral homes for things like cremations. You put the body in the pretty coffin for the funeral, then stick it in, I don’t know, a cardboard box or other combustible thing for the trip through the furnace.

    The funeral homes can’t re-sell the rentals by law, so now they’re “recycling” them.

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