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McFarlane’s Monsters

May 16th, 2008 by Cobwebs

Elizabeth BathoryMcFarlane manufactures a wide variety of models and action figures; you may have seen their movie or music figures at places like Spencer Gifts and Hot Topic. Somewhat less widely available, but completely awesome, are their monsters.

I originally encountered the monsters through the Twisted Land of Oz set, featuring a mutated Toto and a Dorothy in bondage gear (the latter is borderline NSFW). Every figure in their collection is astonishingly detailed and hideously imaginative.

Their “Six Faces of Madness” series, for instance, features Attilla the Hun posing on a mound of decapitated heads, a blood-drenched Jack the Ripper, Elizabeth Bathory relaxing in the tub, and other historical “monsters.” This series even includes an optional accessory pack, including “a custom base for Elizabeth Bathory, several weapons for Billy the Kid, a lamp post for Jack the Ripper, several potion bottles and tubes for Rasputin and torso on stake for Vlad the Impaler.”

How can you not love a toy that includes an accessory torso?

Given their quality, the figures are surprisingly affordable–around $13 for smaller figures and $35 for large ones–and would certainly make an arresting decoration for office or home. The site offers loads of detailed pictures (again, some are NSFW) if you just want to admire their artistry.

I can’t wait until Shadowboy’s old enough not to be traumatized by my decorating scheme; I want Little Miss Muffet for the home office.


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  1. DeeDee Says:

    I’d say that would definitely start a few good conversations! At first all I could make out was the leg.

  2. Tala Says:

    They’re awesome! I really like Little Red Riding Hood (though she could do with a feed!) – I did feel sorry for the wolf though (he was so misunderstood!) Tee hee!

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