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Carnival Mask Tutorial

May 20th, 2010 by Cobwebs

MaskNancy Minsky, the author of Denim Revolution, did a tutorial for making a Venetian carnival mask out of a scrap of denim.

I’m not entirely sold on using denim as the base material (nor of using the suggested faux-fur mask lining; I think the fur would get in your eyes), but the general method is a great jumping-off point for creating a mask of your own design. The pattern is easy, and the tutorial gives some good tips for planning the arrangement of decorations. I also like the ribbon-encased back band, which looks much nicer than naked elastic.

Two or three of these done in different styles would be a pretty wall decoration. If you aren’t planning to wear them, you could also use stiff cardboard instead of fabric and simply glue the embellishments in place.

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  1. xJane Says:

    I think the denim is for stiffness, which could be accomplished with lining, and the fur for softness—I’d use fleece or flannel. Love this idea! If you stiffen it enough (starch?) you could attach it to a dowel to hold to your face instead. I like the idea of making it from two pieces—it means you can not worry about the means of attaching the embellishments scratching your face, because you’ll put the backing on eventually.

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