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The Haunted Gardens

October 28th, 2010 by Cobwebs

LogoI can’t believe that a blog devoted to gothic gardening has been operating for nearly a year and I only now stumbled across it.

The Haunted Gardens is a group blog devoted to environmentally-friendly gardening with a spooky twist. They talk about plants like cemetery lilies and black hollyhocks, and feature interesting garden accessories like jack-o-lantern chimineas and skull gardening boots.

Since the blog is fairly new they don’t have a lot of archive depth yet, but their posts so far are definitely intriguing. It’s exciting to find a site devoted to just the kind of gardening I’m interested in, and I’ve already found several plants that I may have to try in my own yard. Lovely!

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  1. Crypt Stitch Says:

    Nice! I keep hoping that ONE DAY that old Gothic Gardening site will re-appear…I was so pleased I printed a lot of that stuff of before the site died! This one might be a good replacement!
    BTW, the halloween costumes this year were very cute!Ooops, I mean scary…

  2. Laurie Brown Says:

    mAlice lost most of her files for the old Gothic Gardening site years ago. I had saved some of them (knowing the site was due to go down) and for some reason couldn’t get all of them back off my hard drive to send to her when she wanted to put it back up on a different server, so I suspect it may never come back.

    There is a gothic gardening email list on Yahoo at

    Not very active most of the time, but there are still a lot of us there….

  3. Cobwebs Says:

    Fortunately, most of mAlice’s old site is still accessible via the Wayback Machine:

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