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Museum of Witchcraft

August 9th, 2010 by Cobwebs

Here’s some neat B&W footage of the Museum Of Witchcraft shot in the 1960s.

The museum is in Boscastle, Cornwall, and is still open today. Its site features a tour of a few of its artifacts, and some of them might be great inspiration for artwork or crafts.

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  1. Ghoul Friday Says:

    Great find! I love it. Especially the picture of the man holding the naked doll over the cauldron of fire!

  2. The Frog Queen Says:

    Great article. I will be in Cornwall in November and am definately making a trip to this museum!!

    Looking forward to it.


  3. Gothic Rose Antiques Says:

    Great video! Love the old black and white films! Very informative, thanks for posting it.

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