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The Witches’ Kitchen

July 16th, 2008 by Cobwebs

UtensilsDesigner Tord Boontje has created a lovely–and insanely expensive–collection of kitchenware “inspired by the witches and wizards of western lore.” In addition to this utensil set there are some neat black casseroles that are reminiscent of cauldrons, some gothy-looking aprons, and a pair of spooky oven mitts.

I’m not kidding about the expensive part: The salad “hands” in the upper-left corner are $330 per pair, and one casserole will set you back $1,150. Whoooa, doggies. However! Could you ask for a better source of inspiration for a little kitchen witchery? Take a careful look at the style of these items, then keep an eye out for similar (cheaper) kitchenware.

The apron is an easy do-it-yourself job: It’s little more than a carefully-shredded hunk of black cotton.* Similarly, the oven mitts could be copied by buying or making a pair of black cotton mitts and then adding some rough stitching with heavy thread.

Pair your cast-iron cauldrons and pointy utensils with some artfully-decorated storage jars, and you can add a spooky vibe to your kitchen without cleaning out your bank account.

*I would, incidentally, caution against wearing something like this around an open flame. Too many loose floaty bits to catch fire. And flaming goths smell terrible.

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