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Graveyard Photography

July 30th, 2008 by Cobwebs

CemeteryA friend recently sent me this link, which has some gorgeous photos of cemeteries but is down about two-thirds of the time. I decided to look around for other photography pages, and oh, there’s a lot of lovely stuff out there.

In addition to the drinking-from-the-firehose results you get from searching for graveyard or cemetery on Flickr, there are many sites that specialize in this kind of photography. For instance:

Graveyard and Dark Photography – These are mostly black-and-white photos from the UK and Romania, along with some dark and unsettling portrait shots. The photographer sells prints, if you’d like some unique framed artwork.

Northstar Gallery – They describe their work as “sensuous, fine art,” and there are some lovely photographs. Mostly color, heavy on the statuary rather than tombstones.

The Cyber-Cemetery – Lots of artsy black-and-white images.

Taphophilia – In addition to photos, this site includes other funeral- and death-related curiosities.

Gardens of Light, Dark, and Stone – Some very pretty, evocative photos. There’s even a downloadable screensaver featuring some of the photographer’s favorites.

There are also at least two webrings devoted to cemetery photography, here and here.

It’d be fun to cover a wall with a collection of framed graveyard photos. There should be plenty of inspiration here to get you started.

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  1. Cat Says:

    Wonderful list!

    To get a regular dose, I subscribe to the feed for the Visitors of Cemeteries flickr group:

  2. Tala Says:

    Excellent links! I can’t wait to take some more cemetery photos when I go to Peru next year – I’m hoping there will be some very old Spanish ones (all aside from the thousands year old Incan temples etc!!) Australia is such a young country, even when you visit somewhere like Gore Hill cemetary in Sydney you won’t find anything much older than 180-200 years, and certainly not too elaborate at that time. Oh to have a ‘spare’ wall in my house for cemtery photos!

  3. Kitten Herder Says:

    I too love taking photos of cemeteries, particularly in the early morning or early evening, and especially in black and white.

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