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“Cabinet of Curiosities” Wall Covering

July 24th, 2008 by Cobwebs


Here’s a really brilliant decorative idea: Walls covered with scientific illustrations. The bathroom shown here is decorated with pages from Albertus Seba’s Cabinet of Natural Curiosities, but you could use anatomical illustrations, Dürer or Bosch artwork, or pictures of mementos mori.

If you didn’t want to do a whole room, you could cover one wall and use it as your focal point. I’m really impressed with how eye-catching yet soothing this decorating scheme is.

(via Lady Lavona’s Cabinet of Curiosities)

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  1. Tala Says:

    I liked it when I saw it too – though it’s so ‘busy’ I think one mught be too distracted to do one’s ‘business’ in a bathroom! I was thinking they would be great as a border, or as a random ’tiled’ effect (with neutral ’tiles’ in between). I saw similar scientific journal pages of bird eggs once which would look very good (though I really like the dragonfly page above the lamp in the foreground)

  2. shakra Says:

    I love it.. the business gives you something else to think about.. hence being very relaxing and it’s better not to strain in the bathroom if you get my drift..

  3. nancy c Says:

    Can i purchase this wallpaper anywhere? If you know of a resource could you please let me know. Many thanks!

  4. Lumaca Says:


    This is not a wallpaper. These are all individually torn sheets from Albertus Seba’s Cabinet of Natural Curiosities. This clever person simply “tiled” them all together on their wall.

    The highlighted link above is to the original Jumbo version of the book, but below you will find a link to the smaller (less expensive) version:

    Other inspiring wallpaper can be found here:

    Best of Luck!

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