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Beaded Pumpkins

September 16th, 2010 by Cobwebs

Beaded PumpkinIt’s the time of year when upscale retail sites rather self-consciously trot out their Halloween collections. I generally don’t give them much thought, since I figure if you want to spend 300 bucks on a wall hanging that’s your own business.

Occasionally, though, I’ll run across something where the the price is so outrageous, where a DIY version would be so simple, that it just makes me wince. The Beaded Pumpkins from Horchow are such an item. These are resin pumpkins with beads glued on. They are $195 + shipping. Apparently P.T. Barnum was misquoted because it is clear that what he actually said was, “There’s a sucker born every minute, and then they go buy pumpkins at Horchow.” Ye gods.

If you’d like to have something similar a whole hell of a lot cheaper, do this:

  1. Get yourself a Funkin or other craft pumpkin. (If you can wait until after Halloween to do this project, craft stores often have them on clearance.)
  2. If desired, paint the pumpkin–use something that won’t melt foam–and let dry.
  3. Use a pencil to very lightly sketch your desired design onto the pumpkin; you should be able to erase mistakes without much trouble.
  4. Glue rhinestones, crystals, or other flat-backed beads over the pencil lines. You can often find self-stick rhinestones that already have adhesive, but you can also use a hot glue gun or a good-quality glue like Gorilla Glue. Let dry.
  5. Lie to visitors about how much your gorgeous pumpkin decorations cost.

You can google around for appealing designs; here are some nice ones from Better Homes and Gardens:

Black Rhinestone Spirals
Rhinestone Spiderweb
Silver Swirls

Attractive, easy, and at a tiny fraction of the cost of the commercial ones.

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  1. xJane Says:

    Haha, I love perusing Horchow, because I actually know people who shop there (the husband of one of these disposable income disposers calls it Whore-Chow, like, what you feed your whores).

  2. Empress Pam Says:

    Stupid Martha Stewart always has some theme on these for Halloween and I always say I’m going to do it. Think I’ll say I’ll make these this year, but I am SO going to wait until the funkins are on clearance!

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