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They Shoot Link Dumps, Don’t They?

September 10th, 2010 by Cobwebs

Victorian Witch Cross-Stitch – Free (fairly complicated) pattern for a cute vintage witch.

TheOldHauntedHouse – Site devoted to photos of real houses that resemble the archetypal haunted house. I just adore this one.

Zombie Pillowcase – Cute embroidered pillowcase. I also like these from the same vendor.

My Fair Wedding: Day of the Dead Bride – I’d never heard of “My Fair Wedding,” but it appears to be a wedding makeover show. They had a recent episode where they did a “Day of the Dead”-themed wedding; hopefully it’ll be available on Hulu soon.

How to Draw an Owl – This isn’t even vaguely gothy; it just made me laugh.

DSquared Spine Shoes – Unusual (and expensive; egad) shoes with vertebral heels.

Edwardian Era – Photoblog documenting fashion and life of the era.

“Buffy” Jones Soda – Limited-edition soda collection from Jones.

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